Unlimited email for €25 with new BlackBerry

4 Nov 2004

Vodafone today unveiled a new BlackBerry device that can handle voice calls, internet access, email and instant messaging, including a flat rate of €25 for unlimited emails.

Siliconrepublic.com understands, however, that the €25 a month flat rate offer is only for a limited period, after which period usage in excess of 3MB per month will cost €2 per 1MB (ex Vat).

Developed and manufactured by Research In Motion (RIM), the new BlackBerry 7100v (pictured) is a voice-centric version of the company’s popular email machine and is being targeted by Vodafone at individuals looking for a single device to cover voice and data needs.

The device is available with the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution for corporate users and the BlackBerry Internet Service for individual users. BlackBerry’s Internet Service allows customers’ internet service provider-based or web-based email to be delivered to the BlackBerry handheld on a POP3 basis.

The device goes on sale today and is being targeted at the small to medium-sized enterprise, small office home office and corporate markets.

The new BlackBerry provides business users with the ability to reply to email and view and forward email attachments, in a variety of formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat. In addition to 32MB, the device offers advanced browser technology, international quad-band network compatibility, a high-performance internal antenna, speaker phone and Bluetooth support.

It has a new and innovative QWERTY keyboard, dedicated Send and End keys and a thumb operated track wheel for fast and convenient navigation. Messages can be quickly and easily composed via SureType, a new keyboard technology from RIM that supports the advanced messaging features required by business customers.

Carolan Lennon, head of marketing, said: “The BlackBerry range of devices have proved to be hugely popular with Irish customers and the BlackBerry 7100v will appeal to new users who want all the benefits of BlackBerry combined with a mobile phone in one device. The combined voice and data services available on this single handset are designed to help people work smarter and manage their time effectively. Users will be able to avail of a flat rate of €25 for unlimited emails.”

By John Kennedy