Vodafone claims ‘new iPad’ 3G speeds of up to 42Mbps possible

13 Mar 2012

Apple's new iPad, which will hit US and UK stores on 16 March and Irish stores on 23 March

Mobile operator Vodafone says its Dual Carrier HSPA+ technology (DC-HSDPA) will enable owners of Apple’s newest iPad to circumvent the standard 21Mbps 3G broadband experience on the device and enjoy speeds of up to 42Mbps.

Vodafone chief technology officer Fergal Kelly told Siliconrepublic.com that 40pc of the company’s 3G network currently supports HSPA+ dual carrier technology, which the company sells through its Performance Pro tariff.

While speeds of 42Mbps may be possible on the €34.99 per month tariff, average speeds stand at 10Mbps while ‘good’ speeds stand at 27Mbps.

The new iPad Apple launched last week will provide 4G LTE connectivity with speeds of up to 73Mbps. It also offers HSPA+ connectivity of up to 21Mbps and DC-HSDPA connectivity of 41Mbps.

“We have 40pc of our network now capable of providing 42Mbps services, while our next nearest competitor currently has a handful of sites trialing this capability,” Kelly explained.

“This is the hottest area of our network,” he added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years