Anonymous plans a Facebook black out on 28 January

24 Jan 2012

Facebook is being targeted by hacker collective Anonymous, that wants to see the social network ‘taken down’ on 28 January.

In a YouTube video posting in which Anonymous describes the action as the “greatest internet protest” in its ongoing cyber war, it is instigating Operation Global Blackout.

Anonymous said it has already crashed the servers of CBS, Warner Bros and the FBI.

“Facebook is next,” the video intoned, pointing out that Facebook has more than 60,000 servers.

The video goes on to outline general instructions on how at 12am (EST) on 28 January internet users can form part of a single, giant “ion cannon” that can blast a DDOS attack via multiple IP addresses at Facebook’s servers.

“A charge laser needs to be loaded at exactly 12m Jan 28 2012; that way we will have a stronger army built up for our rights,” Anonymous said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years