Calyx deploys Microsoft Dynamics CRM for IPA

16 Apr 2009

Managed services provider Calyx has rolled out a customer relationship management (CRM) system based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform for the Institute of Public Administration (IPA).

Deployed in the IPA’s specialised training division, the CRM system has provided significant benefits in the tracking of leads, complaints, selected correspondence, marketing campaigns and tenders.

The electronic workflow has resulted in greater automation of key processes, and relevant personnel can now check the current status of a work request at any given time.

The development and implementation of the CRM system has resulted in the establishment of a centralised customer database that supports and develops existing business processes relating to client requests.

This enables the IPA to record contacts with their customers, which in turn allows a full and detailed picture to be built up for each and every customer. Fragmentation and duplication are no longer issues, while efficiency and accuracy of data have greatly improved.

“This system is a significant step forward for the Institute in its efforts to further develop its client relationships and marketing activity,” explained Cyril Sullivan, finance director with the IPA.

“The main aim is to support and develop existing business processes relating to client requests.”

Responsible for the development of best practice in public administration and public management, the Institute of Public Administration is based across two Dublin locations, with 120 employees.

These employees run a number of training and education programmes that are tailored to the needs of the public servants, while their research and publishing services offer an informed voice and forum for discussion and debate on public service issues.

Prior to the deployment by Calyx Group, the IPA had a series of fragmented legacy CRM systems on several databases. The IPA felt it was time to move to a single, enterprise-wide database and CRM solution as part of its corporate planning and quality assurance project.

“Calyx and Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution matched our requirements,” Sullivan said. “It integrated easily, and it’s accurate, accessible and easy to use. Calyx is an excellent company and the quality of its IT expertise is exceptional.”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a solution that has been proven all over the world by the top companies within every industry.

It helps organisations to generate more sales from existing clients, deepen customer relationships, stay connected and competitive, make better informed decisions, reduce sales cycles, increase marketing effectiveness and better target and deploy sales resources.

By John Kennedy