Cisco reveals framework for the internet of clouds

6 Dec 2011

Cisco has unveiled its CloudVerse framework for a future that will require various public, private and hybrid clouds to be capable talking to one another.

The Cisco Cloud Index predicts that more than 50pc of computing workloads in data centres will be cloud-based by 2014, and that global cloud traffic will grow more than 12 times by 2015, to 1.6 zettabytes per year – the equivalent of more than four days of business-class video for every person on earth. 

The study suggests that the explosive growth in clouds requires advanced capabilities that allow the data centre and network to work together to support end-to-end cloud application delivery.

Today, most cloud technologies exist in silos, preventing an efficient, integrated management approach.

Clouds of clouds

By integrating three foundational cloud elements – the Cisco Unified Data Centre with the Cisco Intelligent Network to enable cloud applications and services – CloudVerse delivers a business-class cloud experience within the cloud, between clouds, and beyond the cloud to the end user.

A large number of enterprises, service providers and governments are announcing today that they are adopting Cisco CloudVerse as the foundation of their cloud strategies, including ACS, NWN, LinkedIn, Orange Business Services, Qualcomm, Silicon Valley Bank, Telecom Italia, Telefónica S.A., Telstra, and Terremark, a Verizon company.

Today, more than 70pc of leading cloud providers are using Cisco CloudVerse on their journey to the cloud.

“Until now, cloud technology resided in silos, making it harder to build and manage clouds, and to interconnect multiple clouds, posing critical challenges for many organisations,” said Padmasree Warrior, Cisco senior vice-president of engineering and chief technology officer.

“Cisco uniquely enables the world of many clouds – connecting people, communities and organisations with a business-class cloud user experience for the next-generation internet. We are very pleased that many of the world’s leading businesses and service providers are adopting CloudVerse as the foundation of their cloud strategies, and we look forward to partnering closely with them on their journey to a world of many clouds,” Warrior said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years