Client Solutions rebrands as Avnet to reflect new ownership

15 Jul 2010

Client Solutions, an IT services company, has been rebranded Avnet Client Solutions to reflect its new ownership. Its parent company, Horizon Technology Group, was bought by Avnet TS in 2008.

The company was allowed to keep its original name due to the strength of its brand and reputation. However, because Client Solutions is a software and services business, Avnet was keen to expand, develop and be associated with that side of the IT business.

According to Shemas Eivers, managing partner, of Avnet Client Solutions, it is now time to incorporate Client Solutions into Avnet.

Avnet Client Solutions is a software solutions and technology management company specialising in business service management, application development, business intelligence and it is the largest Irish SAP consultancy company.

As an early adopter of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practice disciplines, Avnet Client Solutions have helped many of Ireland’s top enterprise and mid-market companies embrace service management ideals.

“Because of the strength of the Client Solutions brand, we had decided to maintain as much of our own branding as possible but the time has come to make some slight changes and incorporate ourselves into the Avnet world a little more,” said Eivers.

Despite the title switch, it is business as usual for the IT company.

Essentially, Avnet Client Solutions is the same company with a different name. Under the Avnet banner, however, it now has more reach and scale because Avnet is a worldwide distributor of enterprise-computing products, software and services with locations in more than 34 countries.

The rebranding exercise has come at a key time. Despite the recession, Avnet Client Solutions has won tenders for several projects which, according to the company, has helped “smooth the recession effects”.

Avnet Client Solutions now plans to work with other service business units within the Avnet organisation to develop a more global approach to the services business and also provide a mentoring approach to selected Avnet customers to enable them to expand their service operations in a franchise-type manner.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years