EVE Online is the latest victim of LulzSec attacks

15 Jun 2011

After attacking the US Senate in recent days, LulzSec is showing no signs of slowing down and popular sci-fi gaming site EVE Online is its latest victim. The hacker group has also set up a hotline asking users to suggest potential sites to attack.

It is understood that a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack took EVE Online offline for five hours.

LulzSec launched its Operation ‘Titanic Takeover’ yesterday.

EVE Online’s parent company CCP Games took its website and its multiplayer sites offline just in case the DDoS attack was a potential smokescreen for deeper penetrating attacks.

It emerged in recent hours that LulzSec has now opened a telephone request line, inviting users to suggest potential targets.

From the dark edges of cyber space

LulzSec has come from out of nowhere to be as feared as Anonymous as a source of devastating internet attacks, taking in the US Senate, Sony, popular porn sites and Nintendo.

The telephone line (a US number believed to be in Ohio, but obviously not the real location) was publicised on LulzSec’s Twitter feed.

Victims of LulzSec’s attacks are typically organisations or businesses its members deem have acted against the interests of citizens and consumers.

The attack on the US Senate this week has prompted officials to order a security review after LulzSec hackers broke into a server and published files online.

“This is a small, just-for-kicks release of some internal data from Senate.gov – is this an act of war, gentlemen? Problem?”, LulzSec asked in its statement on its exploit.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years