FleetMatics sets out new standard for GPS fleet tracking

5 May 2010

Dublin tech firm FleetMatics, whose technology is used globally to track thousands of vehicles, has unveiled the latest version of its GPS software, FleetMatics GPS Vehicle Tracking System 7.0.

“With new unique features and improved functionality, FleetMatics 7.0 further establishes our position as not only a leader in the GPS fleet tracking market, but also as a true innovator,” said Derek Bryan of FleetMatics.

“Our continuing efforts to enhance our software and invest in development prove our strong commitment to helping businesses with vehicle fleets gain control over costs and performance.”

FleetMatics 7.0 includes a variety of powerful new tools and navigational improvements to give users easy access to even more information about their vehicle usage.

About Panoramic Reporting

The cornerstone of the new release is Panoramic Reporting. This data mining tool gives clients the capability to analyse the idling time, mileage, speed and engine on time for every vehicle tracked since installing FleetMatics GPS. Clients can use this data to determine the full impact of GPS on their business and quantitatively compare employee performance.

“Panoramic Reporting is a feature unique to FleetMatics 7.0. It gives our clients more control than ever over productivity and allows them to quickly identify cost leakage,” Bryan continued. “And this is just one of the many improvements we offer to our clients so they can achieve real results for their companies.”

Another major enhancement in FleetMatics 7.0 is the launch of FleetMatics Mobile. Users can now track their fleet from almost any internet-enabled mobile phone. Anytime, anywhere access to fleet performance allows for on-the-fly dispatch changes and immediate reaction to improper vehicle usage.

Other FleetMatics 7.0 enhancements include the ability to watch the route replay of any vehicle journey from any report with one click, immediate tracking of any vehicle mentioned in a report, instant emailing of any report to multiple recipients, the ability to see every vehicle that goes to a specific location and new alerts when a power takeoff (PTO) is in use, and many more.

As with all FleetMatics upgrades, current clients receive FleetMatics 7.0 at no additional charge with free, unlimited training on the new features.

“FleetMatics 7.0 is only the latest in a continual series of improvements and enhancements we offer to our clients on a regular basis,” Bryan added.

“Our clients have also benefited from recent partnerships with Google for enhanced mapping and ViaWest for improved platform stability. This is why we claim one of the highest renewal rates in the industry.”

 By John Kennedy

Photo: Derek Bryan of FleetMatics

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years