IP leaks fuelling interest in encryption and monitoring

20 Mar 2008

Companies are increasingly looking at products that monitor, encrypt and block information in their organisations on the back of worries over intellectual property leakage, IDC has said.

The most common type of information leaked is intellectual property, according to a new IDC survey.

The study found that 81pc of companies view information protection and control as essential to their overall data protection strategy.

IDC speculated that data loss prevention and encryption would become features of a more comprehensive information protection and control policy for organisations.

“A number of high-profile incidents have raised awareness of the growing data-leakage problem,” said Brian Burke, program director for IDC’s security products and services group. “The leaking of customer records, confidential information and intellectual property has caused explosive demand for solutions that protect against the deliberate or inadvertent release of sensitive information.”

The survey found that nearly three quarters of organisations are currently using IPC technology and 64pc are planning to invest in new information protection and control products.

The highest priority information protection and control solution is data leakage prevention deployed at the perimeter and endpoints.

By Niall Byrne