Norton announces single service to protect many devices

14 Sep 2011

Norton announces single service to protect many devices

As consumers grapple with the problem of owning – and protecting – multiple devices, Symantec’s Norton division has announced a new membership-based service intended to cover PC, Mac and mobile systems for one price.

The service is due to be launched in the first half of next year, Norton said in a statement. No pricing details were announced.

According to Symantec, users will be able to choose a combination of technologies that best suit their needs and the service is intended to reduce the hassle involved in securing all of the hardware they own. Market research carried out by the company in the US found that consumers have on average 4.5 devices at home, from desktop and laptop PCs to tablets and mobile phones.

Symantec claimed this is the first membership-based security product of its type. One membership will be enough to cover each connected device in a home, managed from a single user interface.

Customers will be able to easily pick and choose the technologies and support options they need to protect all the devices they own, whether they be PCs, Macs or mobiles. Symantec said new devices can be added to the membership scheme, although the company did not specify whether the price includes a limit of the number of units, or whether the price rises after a certain threshold is reached.

Licenses can be moved between devices or removed if the device is no longer being used, Symantec said. The company added that a “diversified range of technologies and support” will be offered, including security and performance. Personalised services and premium support will also be available as part of the package.

Gordon Smith was a contributor to Silicon Republic