pTools in SharePoint rollout for UK police force

13 Feb 2009

Dublin software player pTools has deployed a content management system (CMS) for the Lincolnshire Police Force in the UK, the seventh police force to take up the company’s technology.

The company has deployed an intranet for the Lincolnshire force based on its own pTools CMS and Microsoft’s SharePoint productivity software.

pTools managing director Tom Skinner told that the system will enable police officers to share legislation and procedural guidelines to ensure more efficient work flow and police work.

The system will give officers quick access to electronic forms and a streamlined publishing process with a fully integrated security and audit trail.

He said the new intranet will be used by over 7,000 police officers across the Lincolnshire region.

“We’ve also put in place some functionality around protective marking so that officers can define information and content that is either top secret or for public consumption. It has inbuilt security and compliance features essential for police forces and government organisations.”

The website development officer for Lincolnshire Police, Graham Lord, said the system will give the police force greater flexibility.

“It delivers a vital communications tool for Lincolnshire Police. It allows our officers and staff to be kept informed of current issues and easily access the resources and police systems they use on a daily basis,” said Lord.

By John Kennedy

Pictured: Tom Skinner, managing director, pTools