Security firm tackles removable media threat

8 Apr 2005

Entropy has signed a reseller deal that will enable the company to address the growing security threat from removable media devices such as USB memory sticks.

Although they look simple and innocent, devices such as memory sticks are being perceived as a massive threat to businesses keen to protect their information assets. An information thief can simply stick one into a computer and download everything in seconds.

Conall Lavery, managing director of Sandyford-based Entropy, said: “Irish businesses are facing a growing security threat from removable media devices on their networks. They risk both virus infection and the loss of corporate data if measures are not implemented to manage these devices correctly.

“With the growing demand for mobile and remote working practices, removable media devices will only increase in popularity and businesses need to look at ways of securing critical corporate data both inside and outside of the corporate environment.

“Furthermore employees are often wandering around with unencrypted and critical data stored on mobile devices that could easily be lost and end up in the wrong hands. It’s becoming increasingly essential for any business that values its corporate data to address the risks associated with removable media devices,” Lavery said.

To counter this threat Entropy has signed a reseller deal with Reflex Magnetics to deal with these issues.

The Reflex Disknet Pro provides end-point security over the use of USB and other memory devices.

By managing the use of all in/out devices with Removable Media Manager and Port Guard the system administrator can take back control. Access to devices can be controlled either by denying all access, providing read-only access, allowing full-authorised access or enforcing only encrypted access.

London-based Reflex Magnetics is a leading provider of IT security solutions for organisations worldwide. The Reflex Magnetics security standard has now become essential practice for 1,000 organisations around the globe. The company counts Nato, the UN, more than 300 ministry of defence sites and numerous UK Police organisations as long-standing clients.

By John Kennedy