Forget tablet computing, how about table computing? Lenovo reveals giant 27-inch touch PC

7 Jan 2013

Lenovo has unveiled what it describes as the world’s first ‘table PC’ – the IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC – a 27-inch touchscreen computer running on Windows 8 that can lie flat on a surface and also stand up to be used as a conventional PC.

The hardware maker revealed at CES it has also collaborated with Ubisoft and Electronic Arts to develop customised multi-player games ideal for a table-top computing experience.

Lenovo has also revealed a large 39-inch widescreen table PC, code-named ‘Gamma.’ While still an early concept, Gamma illustrates the outstanding multi-user entertainment experiences such a large screen can provide and is indicative of Lenovo’s future direction in table PC computing.

“We’ve seen technology shifts across the four screens, from the desktop to the laptop, tablet and smartphone, and yet, while people have more computing power than ever before, there is still room for technologies like Horizon that bring people together,” said Peter Hortensius, president, Product Group, Lenovo.

“Horizon makes personal computing interpersonal computing with shared, collaborative experiences among several people.

“Now many people can enjoy different photos, music and video on the same screen, and they can play games with our special accessories that blend physical and digital interaction. Horizon reflects our commitment to delivering the innovative products that define the PC Plus era.”

IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC specs

table pc

The table computer comes with a special set of accessories, including an e-dice, four joysticks and strikers to offer a completely new digital gaming experience that combines the physical gaming accessory with the on-screen action. For the player, the action is part physical, part digital – an activity that Lenovo refers to as ‘phygital.’

The Horizon Table PC includes Lenovo App Shop, a dedicated apps store powered by Intel AppUp that gives users access to more than 5,000 multi-user entertainment apps. Horizon also comes with exclusive access or a package of pre-loaded gaming and educational apps from vendors including Electronic Arts, FableVision, Open Labs, Ubisoft, FilmOn TV and hundreds of top games and apps from BlueStacks.

The table computer is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor.

It can lie flat on a surface and users can change its angle and height position to a point where it can be vertical to a 90-degrees ‘wall-like mount.’

The table computer will go on sale in the early summer with prices starting at US$1,699.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years