Google adds two Google+ gadgets for bloggers

4 Apr 2012

Google has just introduced two new social features for blogger account holders: a Google+ Plus Badge and a +1 Button.

In a statement on Blogger Buzz, Googler Bora Toska announced Google had introduced the two new Google+ gadgets so people would be able to share their blogs with those with similar outlooks across the web.

“Unlike the +1 button that can appear below a post, this gadget is specific to your blog. Displaying it on your blog will allow visitors to endorse your blog and share it with their friends,” posted Toska.

He went on to say a +1 is like a “public stamp of approval from your readers”.

But what’s the Google+ Plus Badge all about? Google indicated this gadget will allow people to connect their blogs to their personal profiles or their Google+ Page on Google+ so bloggers can grow their audience.

Google Blogger

Screengrab from Google Blogger

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic