Google doodle celebrates 115 years of the x-ray

8 Nov 2010

Google has marked the 115th anniversary of the x-ray with a new doodle that spells out the search engine logo’s name.

The dully flashing doodle spells out “Google” on the home page and celebrates the advent of the scan that changed the face of modern medicine.

The x-ray, generally credited to Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, can penetrate solid objects and can identify bone structures, being used mainly for medical imaging in radiology. They are also used in astronomy and microscopic analysis.

It is not the first time Google has doodled as form of celebrating a greatness, having produced doodles themed on evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin, the inventor of braille Louis Braille and children’s books author Roald Dahl – with the first Google doodle ever honouring the Burning Man festival in 1998.