Google promises to fix Chrome battery drain in Windows

18 Jul 2014

It has recently been discovered that the Google Chrome browser in Windows is literally sucking the life out of laptops faster than other browsers and the company now promises to fix the issue.

Forbes, with the help of its contributor Ian Morris, found that when the laptop is idle with Chrome running on the system, the internal system clock tick rate which counts the number of times the computer’s processor “wakes up” at any given time was eating battery 25pc faster than normal.

From their findings, this rate was recorded at 1.000ms in comparison with the default standard of 15.625ms, which means the battery is working overtime trying to keep the processor open.

Now it appears that Google, speaking to PC World, has confirmed it is to fix the issue, despite the fact the first reported case was found to have originated as far back as 2010.

Most experts are suggesting that until the bug is fixed, users should either be sure to close the browser completely when left idle or otherwise refrain from using it completely if it is making life on the laptop unbearable.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic