Intel 5th generation Core processor promises better battery life and graphics

5 Jan 2015

Pictured: The world's first 14nm fanless mobile PC reference design from Intel is a 12.5 inch screen that is 7.2mm thin with keyboard detached and weighs 670 grams. The design is based on the first of Intel's next-generation 14nm Broadwell chips

Notebooks are about to become sexy again thanks to the final arrival of Intel’s 5th Generation Intel Core processor, code-named Broadwell, which promise better graphics and even longer battery life.

As well as this Intel has started shipping its next generation 14nm Atom processor for tablet computers, code-named Cherry Trail.

The new 5th Generation of Intel Core technology includes 14 new processors for consumers and business users. These comprise 10 new 15W processors with Intel HD Graphics and four new 28W products with Intel Iris Graphics.

Describing the generation shift as “the fastest mobile transition in company history” Intel’s new processor family come with 35pc more transistors on a 37pc smaller die.

The new processors are able to deliver 24pc better battery performance ,50pc faster video conversion and battery life that is up to 90 minutes longer.

The new processors are designed to not only embrace playback of 4K movies, they are also optimised for the emerging internet of things with the 14nm architecture being primed for use in verticals like medicine, retail and manufacturing.

Intel has has also begun shipping its new 14nm tablet computing processor, code-named Cherry Trail, which enables 64-bit computing and improved graphics as well as fingerprint recognition, depth-sensing photo capabilities and be context-aware.

The platform also enables LTE Advanced (4G)mobile connectivity.

The first of the new Cherry Trail tablet devices are expected to emerge in the marketplace in the first half of this year.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years