Microsoft, HP and Intel plan to give students 45pc off PCs goes live

5 Oct 2009

An initiative spearheaded by HP, Intel and Microsoft to give students college-approved laptops at discounts up to 45pc off regular retail prices has been launched today.

Backed by leading technology companies Hewlett Packard (HP), Microsoft and Intel, the Laptops4Students initiative represents significant cost saving to students – with every laptop bundle containing more than €500 of extras – including the Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 suite, anti-virus software, a college backpack, memory key and a three-year warranty.

“All parties involved, the colleges and the key technology partners – HP and Microsoft – have worked together to get the right fit between what students need in a college laptop, and what represents excellent value for money,” Mike Lynch, programme manager for Laptops4Students explained.

“A laptop for college needs to be more like a business laptop than a laptop for home use. It needs a business operating system and professional application suite. Also, warranty and support are hugely important.”

He continued: “The feedback from colleges and universities around the country is very positive. Over 40 Irish colleges and universities have chosen Laptops4Students as their endorsed student laptop programme for 2009. Colleges see the programme as providing a valuable service to students, as well as removing some of the headaches of their own IT staff.”

Laptops4Students works with colleges, schools and companies throughout Ireland to enable students and families to have access to the latest computer technology at the best possible prices.

The programme’s website launched in September 2009 has already received more than 40,000 hits.

By John Kennedy

Photo: The Laptops4Students programme works with Irish schools and companies to enable students and families to have access to the latest computer technology at the best prices.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years