Microsoft offers PS3 owners US$100 in trade-in value towards Xbox One

30 Jan 2014

In an audacious attempt to claw back the US$100 price difference between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Microsoft is offering gamers US$100 store credit towards an Xbox One when they trade in their Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) consoles.

In the email which appears online, owners of PS3 consoles could receive the store credit at any Xbox store in the US and Canada, so long as the PS3 they’re trading in is in good, working condition.

Supposedly valid until 2 March, the offer also includes owners of the company’s own Xbox 360 console.

PS3 owners can just trade in their PS3s and not buy the Xbox One, but will not receive the US$100 value.

On the Neogaf forum, where gamers first revealed the emailed announcement, the common consensus was that the deal was not a popular one.

Microsoft has had a series of PR blunders since the console was first launched, from the company’s marketing director telling users who don’t have internet in their homes to play the new console to just ‘get an Xbox 360’, to its recent marketing tactics on YouTube, which actively encouraged positive reviews of its console while putting down PS4s.

There hasn’t been any announcement on whether such a deal will come to Irish shores.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic