Pooductive: A toilet app that proves we’re insane

21 Aug 2015

There’s an app to help those on the toilet connect with other people in the same position, because social media.

Three-quarters of us use our phone when we’re on the toilet – which is nuts. Over half of us look up our emails when we’re on the toilet – which is even more nuts.

So nuts, in fact, that someone has created an app with no aim other than to help users connect with fellow poopers.

Pooductive is a free app on iOS – us Android users are, (un)fortunately, forgotten – that lets users chat and play games “with local & global strangers who are taking a poop, somewhere across the world, at the same time as you.”

There’s not a whole lot more to say, really.

Pooductive toilet app

During the summer a Kickstarter campaign sought to raise €10,000 for the project. It raised €184 before it was cancelled.

“Yes… we are for real,” reads the company’s promo.

“Think of it as a magic wonderland where ’pooducters’ from around the globe can anonymously meet to enjoy their time of zen, peace and quiet together, by conversing, philosophising, playing games and sharing ideas with each other. You can add friends, have group chats or simply play one-on-one games.”

We had a look and it actually works.

You sign up, get told the rules (No pornography, no offensive material, be respectful) and then choose what you want. Do you want to chat with someone local, or abroad? 5km away, or 50km away?

When you finish talking, it suggests songs that describe your toilet experience, and away you go.

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Pooductive - toilet app


The above shows just some of he song choices. Others are a bit more graphic. For some reason, with a world full of Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp already invading our toilet time, I can’t see this catching on.

*Updated 9.30am, 21 August 2015*

Productive creators Ricardo Gruber and Marco Hernandez have contacted us to clarify the plan behind Pooductive:

“While our app sounds both funny and a little bit ridiculous, it was actually intended as our approach on trying to have a positive impact in the world.

“How? We hope to connect Pooductive with some big charities that focus on both clean water and improving hygiene in developing countries.

“However, the hype around our app came very quickly and unexpectedly (literally overnight), which means that the ‘charitable’ aspect of Pooductive has not yet been launched.

“We’re working as fast as we can to realise our mission and get the charities we have already connected to onboard. We hope that through this Pooductive can have a positive impact – past connecting people on the loo – which has always been our intention.”

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