Samsung fan gets custom Galaxy S III following bizarre request

29 Aug 2012

While future Samsung Galaxy S III owners everywhere now have a choice of six colours for their device, one lucky Samsung fan in Canada has received a custom-made S III emblazoned with a crude drawing of a dragon that he offered Samsung Canada in exchange for a free phone – it worked!

It started with a bold request from the 26-year-old on the Samsung Canada Facebook page three months ago. Before the S III was even due for release in Canada, Shane asked if he could have a free one in exchange for his drawing of a dragon.

Samsung Canada responded, politely declining Shane’s request, and offering instead a sketch of a kangaroo on a unicycle so there would be no hard feelings. Shane was won over by the company’s  good-spirited response and posted it on Reddit where it quickly went viral.

Request for free Samsung phone

Happy with his kangaroo drawing, Shane expected nothing more from the exchange until Samsung contacted him and told him to expect a very special delivery in the post, TechCrunch reports.

As a token of appreciation for the positive media attention received through the Reddit post, the company decided to send Shane the only customised Galaxy S III in Canada, featuring the now-famous dragon on the rear face and on the display background.

Custom Dragon Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Canada went all out with the custom gift, even placing the dragon on their headed paper and the S III packaging.

Custom Dragon Samsung Galaxy S III

Meanwhile, Samsung Tomorrow revealed that the S III range has been extended to now offer four new colours in addition to the original pebble blue and marble white: brown, red, black and grey.

New Samsung Galaxy S III colour options

Pfft. Not nearly as cool as a dragon.

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