SanDisk reveals incredible new 1TB SD card prototype

23 Sep 2016

Camera and SD card. Image: Shutterstock

SanDisk’s latest SD card packs quite the punch, with 1TB of memory surely more than enough to satisfy most photographers and filmographers.

It could be argued that memory, battery and Wi-Fi should be three new inclusions on a 21st century version of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. SanDisk is making sure the first of those three is no longer a concern.

In 2000, SanDisk released its first 64MB SD card, which was a significant amount of storage at the time. As the digitisation of everything and anything ramped up, however, memory requirements shot up.

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So much so, that the 1TB SD prototype card in 2016 seems to be one of the more stand-out developments.

SanDisk 1TB SD card

The SD card was revealed at European photography event Photokina earlier this week but as of yet, the price point and transfer speed has not been announced. It was at the same event in 2014 that SanDisk released its then impressive 512GB SD card.

According to SanDisk’s Dinesh Bahal, the company’s goal has remained the same: to “continue to innovate and set the pace for the imaging industry”.

SanDisk 1TB SD card

Labelling this prototype “another significant achievement” for his company, Bahal pointed to the growing need for memory, as VR and 360-degree video becomes more popular.

Last October, Western Digital bought giant SanDisk in a deal estimated to be worth around $19bn.

Both companies had become synonymous with portable storage devices, but at the time of the acquisition, Western Digital reportedly felt SanDisk could be used to boost its flagging hard-disk drive and solid-state drives.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic