Siemens launches new mobile Developer Program

22 Nov 2002

Mobile manufacturer Siemens today announced its new mobile phones Developer Program, which is part of the existing Siemens mobile Partner Program. Developers of software for mobile devices and content providers now have the opportunity to become partners of Siemens mobile.

According to Siemens, key technical information, developer tools and business support are provided to promote the development of new services and applications for Siemens mobile devices. A Java competition has also been announced to encourage students to join the Developer Program.

Access to a wide range of information will be available to all on the developer portal. By registering, developers are able to obtain additional information, service and support packages and exchange information and experience with other developers in a forum. The new Developer Program of Siemens mobile offers services and facilities such as business development, developer tools, quality assurance, marketing and technical support as well as training on products and technologies.

Siemens is the latest mobile company to launch a developer program. The development of third-party applications for mobile phones is a fast-growing area, as new handsets boast ever increased computing power. Nokia provides resources for developers at its Nokia Forum, while Sony Ericsson already has its Developer Community. Indeed Nokia this week announced that it is to hold its first Nokia Mobile Developer Conference in Dublin. It will take place in the Guinness Storehouse on 2 December and the conference will be titled ‘Java and MMS – a Bridge to 3G’.

By Dick O’Brien