The buzz surrounding the iPhone trade-in world (infographic)

30 Jun 2015

As more people around the world grow more reliant on the iPhone, lets look at what the devices have done to trade-ins in the smartphone world.

As we reported, yesterday marked the eight-year anniversary of the iPhone. Now, in a mobile-first world, what has really changed? Well, everything.

Apple’s imminent iOS 8.4 release, bringing with it Apple Music and a whole new revenue stream, will certainly capture everyone’s imagination in the short term, however, it’s the iPhone upon which Apple’s empire so proudly stands.

And it’s clear to see why. In simple Google search terms, iPhone inquiries reach peaks of significant magnitude around each new release.

This in turn sparks huge bumps in trade-ins, as users get rid of their older model to move up to the latest product.

iPhone trade-in

In the infographic below – which comes from Gadget Valuer – you will see this clear as day, with Samsung’s search results cast in the deepest depths of the iPhone shadow.

It’s also telling to see almost four-fifths of iPhone 6 upgrades were previous Apple owners, leaving over 20pc of those as new consumers. This is a remarkable success.

We’ve already looked at the cash cow that is the iPhone, so let’s look at the trade-in trends. You can click on the infographic to see it in a bigger size.

The buzz surrounding iPhones

Main image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic