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6 Feb 2012

The PlayStation Vita

A look at gadget happenings, as Sony rebrands the PlayStation Network, smartphone shipments surpass PC shipments for the first time and Vimeo releases an official Windows Phone app.

Sony to rebrand PlayStation Network as Sony Entertainment Network

Sony will change the name of the PlayStation Network to “Sony Entertainment Network” from 7 February.

This is in order to rebrand the service as “a global comprehensive network platform of services” which offers games, movies and music through one account. It will enable the use of Sony’s Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and PlayMemories Online, which is currently called Personal Space.

Users will be asked to agree to a new set of terms of service which will allow them to use the online service under its new name.

Under the new terms, parents of minors with accounts must consent to the sharing of the minor’s data if they use certain communications features across the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, which will be released on 22 February.

The terms also cover location-based services offered through the PlayStation Vita and information on pre-ordering content.

Smartphone shipments surpass PC shipments for the first time

New research from Canalys reveals that during 2011, total annual global shipments of smartphones exceed those of PCs for the first time.

Vendors shipped 158.5m smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2011, up 57pc from the previous quarter. In total, 487.7m units were shipped in 2011, up 63pc since 2010.

By comparison, the global client PC market grew 15pc in 2011, shipping 414.6m units. Tablets accounted for 15pc of all PC shipments in 2011.

However, Canalys predicts that the smartphone market’s growth will slow in 2012 as vendors exercise greater cost control and discipline, instead focusing more on profitability.

Vimeo launches app for Windows Phone

Video hosting website Vimeo has released an official app for the Windows Phone platform.

Pocket Now reports that the app allows users to upload, manage and watch videos through their Windows Phone. It also allows users to watch videos from their Vimeo inbox and Watch Later queue.

Videos can be uploaded in HD and uploads can be paused and resumed. Users can also access statistics on how many times the video was played, how many times it was liked and the comments that other users posted.

The official Vimeo app is available now on the Windows Phone Marketplace for free.

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