Gigglebit: Become a real life Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat, sort of…

30 Jan 2015

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Today we’re looking at ice creation akin to Sub Zero, the coolest fighter in Mortal Kombat (no apologies, that pun was intended).

The King of Random’ has posted some pretty interesting videos on YouTube over the years but his water bending trick will take some beating.

After working out the exact time it takes to drop the temperature of a bottle of water below freezing – without it actually freezing – Grant Thompson, The King of Random, shows how even the slightest touch of the water freezes it in front of you every eyes.

In this instance, Thompson uses regular half-litre bottles of pure, still water, puts them in the freezer for “exactly” two hours and 45 minutes and the water stays liquid, but it’s very, very cold.

Water trick

King of Random water bending, via YouTube

Then, a simple tap of the bottom of a bottle? Freeze. Dropping an ice cube into the water? Freeze. Pouring the water onto other ice? Gravity-defying freeze!

It’s cool, and well worth a watch.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic