Here are some amazing stunts with dry ice

12 Jun 2015

The simplest of science experiments are often the coolest, and these dry ice stunts certainly fall into that category.

Grant Thompson’s YouTube channel is a never-ending stream of wonderful, weird, cool experiments, mainly with easily accessible tools and ingredients.

These particular stunts are almost entirely reliant on having access to dry ice and a random assortment of household containers.

For example, did you know mixing dry ice with anti-freeze can freeze gummy worms, meaning you can smash them with a hammer?

How about homemade ice pops or liquid carbon dioxide?

The King of Random explains all:

But it’s not just these tricks. How about party pranks like a candle that can’t light, self-expanding balloons and bubbles that hover an inch above the floor?

Of course, for all this you do need dry ice, which you can’t just pick up in the corner shop. But fear not, for the King of Random has thought of this too. Just get your hands on a fire extinguisher and a pillow case. Sorted. So start doing some cool experiments!

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Dry ice image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic