The history of modern technology (infographic)

12 May 2015

Ever since Adam and Eve got the new Nokia 3210, technology has been evolving, I think. Although given that I may have gotten my years mixed up, perhaps this infographic can clear things up.

Modern computing can trace its way back to many an important mid 20th century event, from the Alan Turing-inspired ENIAC, to IBM’s commercial 305 machine, ready-made for the home.

We had the speeding up of the genre in the 1980s with the dawn of Microsoft and Apple, with the creation of the internet changing the game forever.

The 1990s saw desktop machine sales explode, with Microsoft’s various operating systems advancing the industry with each iteration.

Now we have an Apple-driven gadget market, and Google-driven software market, that’s so far removed from what went before that it’s truly difficult to wrap your head around how far we’ve come in just a couple of generations of man.

Below is an inforgraphic from Magic Logix, first appearing on Tech Infographics:

History of technology infographic

Caveman with a smartphone, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic