Ireland in the future: technology (infographic)

14 May 2015

As the world converges ever more through interconnected, cloud-based smart technology, are we in a position to predict the future of Ireland’s societal make-up? Well, if you ask enough people, you can get a pretty decent picture.

It’s almost time. In a few short months we reach the date when Marty McFly, Doc Brown and the dud character Jennifer Parker land in Springdale, 2015.

Surrounded by 3D advertising, hoverboards and holograms, we were treated to what the future holds. Or, rather, what the future could have held.

It was a bit hit and miss, with Skype bang on the money, but fashion (double neck-ties, pockets inside out) a little off.

But it got the team at Mediaworks thinking. So they went out and surveyed people in Ireland, young and old.

What they discovered was that almost half of us expect the country to be cashless by 2030, relying purely on digital money.

In a pretty cool twist, 90pc of those aged 55 or over reckon coding and app development will soon be on the school curriculum.

More than half of those surveyed think we’ll soon become engineers, servicing our robot overlords (not quite) and the growing role smart technology plays in the home will reach such a comprehensive level that everything in the home (everything? Even the pad beside the phone, where the pen no longer rests? Where is that pen?) will soon be technologically serviced.

Ireland in the future

Ireland in the future

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic