Future trends show push to big data – Anne-Marie Walsh, Hays Ireland (video)
Anne-Marie Walsh, senior consultant for new IT business, Hays Ireland

Future trends show push to big data – Anne-Marie Walsh, Hays Ireland (video)

24 Feb 2014

We spoke to Anne-Marie Walsh from Hays Ireland about what trends the recruitment agency is seeing in terms of future roles in the tech sector.

Walsh is Hays Ireland’s senior consultant for new IT business and was at Career Zoo in the Convention Centre Dublin on 15 February to speak to graduates who are finding it difficult to bridge the skills gap from finishing college to finding full-time jobs.

Through Hays Ireland’s discussions with some of Ireland’s largest technology companies, the agency is finding there are a lot of IT positions available for people in the areas of infrastructure, such as Oracle support, web development across Java, Python and Ruby on Rails, as well as data analysis.

According to Walsh, one of the biggest challenges in recruitment today is bridging the skills gap that exists in the tech sector.

“There’s a lot of talk in the media about the skills gap in IT, and I think that people at entry-level find it challenging because … they don’t have the work experience that people are looking for.”

Career Zoo 2014: Hays 

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