Panoramic view of Blennerville near Tralee on the Dingle peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland.
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JRI America to create 100 jobs at technology centre in Tralee

2 May 2019

Fintech security player JRI America is a subsidiary of a Japanese industrial and financial giant that has a number of operations in Ireland.

JRI (Japan Research Institute) America is to create 100 new jobs in Tralee, Co Kerry, as it expands its technology centre.

The new jobs will be created over the course of the next five years as part of a project supported by the Irish Government through IDA Ireland.

‘Today’s announcement of the commencement of operations in our security operations centre in Tralee is a welcome addition, providing additional roles necessary to our cybersecurity capability’

The company came to Tralee in 2011. It now plans to expand its Tralee technology centre with the creation of a security operations centre (SOC) involving around 25 roles across a range of security-related functions, including security operations, security event/incident monitoring, threat vulnerability analysis, and management and network/systems security.

Big in Japan … and in Ireland

This Tralee SOC will work closely with the group’s existing SOC in Japan to monitor, assess, mitigate and investigate cybersecurity threats/incidents on behalf of the group’s global operations.

The remainder of the proposed 100-person expansion will involve additional roles being created within JRI America Tralee’s existing development, in QA/testing, network, infrastructure, data centre support and helpdesk teams. Recruitment for the new roles is underway.

“JRI America’s Tralee technology centre continues to expand upon its vital role assisting SMBC Group’s IT support in the Americas and EMEA,” said Michael O’Dea managing director and general manager, CIO Americas, and COO of JRI America.

“Today’s announcement of the commencement of operations in our security operations centre in Tralee is a welcome addition, providing additional roles necessary to our cybersecurity capability.”

JRI America is a subsidiary of the Japanese IT financial services company Japan Research Institute, which is the specialist IT subsidiary of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMBC). SMBC is in turn part of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMFG), Japan’s second largest bank by market cap.

In Ireland, SMFG and SMBC employ more than 300 staff in five separate operations. These include: Sumitomo Mitsui Finance Dublin, JRI America Irish branch; its software development centre established in Tralee in 2011; SMBC Bank EU AG Dublin branch, which was established in 2014; Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company Dublin branch, which opened in 2014; and SMBC Aviation Capital, which established in Dublin in 2012.

“This proposed expansion will enhance the group’s technology centre in Tralee and significantly underpin its strategic importance in the wider JRI/SMBC group,” said IDA Ireland CEO Martin Shanahan.

“It is an excellent announcement which will be of substantial benefit to the local and regional economy. It supports IDA’s strategy of winning additional investments for regional locations. It will also support the recently announced Cyber Ireland cluster initiative, with which JRI Tralee is already engaged. I wish JRI continued success here.”

The news was also welcomed by Minister of State Brendan Griffin, TD. “The jobs created by JRI America Inc continue to contribute positively to our rural communities and to the strengthening and diversification of the wider economy of Kerry. I welcome today’s announcement that JRI America Inc will continue to focus on supporting jobs in this region steadily over the next five years.”

John Kennedy
By John Kennedy

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