Many working three months a year more than expected (infographic)
Many working three months a year more than expected (infographic)

Many working three months a year more than expected (infographic)

31 Oct 2014

Recent research has shed new light on the current working environment in Ireland, with many employees clocking in up to three months a year more than they are obligated to provide their employer.

The ‘Morgan McKinley working hours survey Ireland 2014‘ found that 70pc of professionals work longer than their contracted hours. Half of these work up to five hours more a week, but the rest work at least an hour a day extra, every single day. One in six of all professionals work at least 10 hours over their contracted hours a week.

“Over the course of a 48-week working year, that means that these employees are working an extra three months more a year than they are contracted to,” says Karen O’Flaherty, COO at Morgan McKinley Ireland.

This is largely down to workers feeling they have to do longer hours. “Many employees feel they don’t have a choice in the matter, with 63pc saying they are obligated to work extra,” says O’Flaherty.

“Employers looking to retain and attract talent need to mindful of this, especially since three-quarters of professionals saying their work-life balance is affected by working extra.”

Other highlights from the research finds that a growing number of workplaces are now offering ‘work from home’ set-ups for employees, and when workers do finally clock out, many switch off entirely.

“The days of turning up in the office at 9am and walking out the door at 5pm are long gone and the changed work environment is reflected not only in the hours professional are putting in but also in the working options provided by employers,” says O’Flaherty.

“As the Morgan McKinley survey shows, over one-third of employers (36pc) offer ‘working from home’ as an option while a huge number – 44pc – offer flexible starting and finish times.

“However, it can be said that Irish people have learnt how to ‘work hard and switch off’. Three-fifths are more productive when they work past their contracted hours and almost half (44pc) of professional workers do not use their mobile devices for work after leaving the office.”

Morgan McKinley infographic

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