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What kind of UX jobs can I get?

13 Jan 2017

User experience (UX) is one of the most in-demand career tracks at the moment. But what kind of jobs can you actually get in UX?

The back-end of technology and IT is becoming less separate from the front-end that customers experience, as the sector continues to evolve.

UX has become much more valuable and important. Companies are now under more pressure to create products that are not only attractive, but simple and user-friendly.

UX is all about blending technological capabilities and aesthetically pleasing design to give the customer at the other end the perfect experience. Therefore, it has become one the most in-demand careers in technology.

Because UX (as with many careers in IT) is quite a broad term, a candidate with UX experience and knowledge could apply for a number of jobs, from research to full UX designer.

These roles are also translatable across a number of different sectors, from fintech and healthcare to travel and entertainment.

There a number of ways a candidate can gain experience and knowledge in the UX sector, and they can even build up a strong portfolio before their first job.

But once you’ve covered the basics of UX and it’s time to start looking for a job in the industry, how do you know what kind of jobs are relevant?

The infographic below highlights some of the areas that someone interested in UX could enter, along with the kind of projects you might be working on, and the skills and tools you need to become a professional in the UX sector.

While the research is largely based on US statistics, the types of jobs available and the work involved is globally translatable, along with the skills and tools that are used.


Infographic: Onward Search

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