10 failed Star Wars merch that sound like valid ideas

21 Dec 2015

If you haven’t noticed, Star Wars is the Holy Grail of merchandise, with everything from a bag of oranges to a Jar Jar Binks Pez dispenser but, amazingly, many ideas were not considered worthy.

If there’s anything more dangerous than the Empire returning to take over the galaxy, it’s drowning under a sea of Star Wars merchandise, of which there is lots.

In fact, the whole thing has become a bit of a joke, with Disney rather keen to get its hands on the film franchise just to swim in a sea of money from the merchandise alone.

According to Nielsen, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is expected to make around $6bn in merchandise sales. Just to repeat that’s, six billion.

That’s multiple times more than even the best-performing Hollywood blockbusters, so it might come as surprise then that marketers back in the day actually decided that some products were not worthy of having the Star Wars brand attached to it.

Thanks to the power of Imgur, we are now able to see some of those products and, if I’m honest, some of them are pretty darn good.


Tauntaun suit


Han Solo fridge

Lightsaber torch

Princess Leia headphones

Can koozie

Jabba the Hut beanbag

This one is my particular favourite. I would totally knock on that door and annoy the person inside.

Darth Vader door knocker


Some of the rejected ideas were definitely a good idea, though. Nothing says cool like a Darth Vader that vomits gumballs.

Darth Vader gumball machine

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Star Wars Cheez-Its image via Kai Schreiber image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic