23 March 2015: The day public nudity dies on Google’s Blogger

24 Feb 2015

Clamping down on online nudity, no user of Google’s blogging platform Blogger will be able to post sexually explicit content publically unless it falls under an agreed list of exceptions as of 23 March.

The search giant issued the changes to its terms and conditions for Blogger online in what appears to be a clampdown of adult material online, despite the relative ease with which someone might be able to find explicit content online.

These new changes impact anyone attempting to post explicit or graphic nudity after 23 March, with public posting now banned, but such material can still be posted if the user has set his or her blog to private and invites viewers to view the content.

To those who may have a vast collection of such images or videos on their websites as of now, they will find their public blogs will be automatically switched to private on the change date, but Google won’t go to the hassle of deleting the illicit content, rather expecting users to do it if they wish to have their blog seen by the general public again.

For those who feel it’s an infringement of their right to post whatever images they want, Google offer them the option of exporting their blog in a .xml format.

Google has offered a number of loopholes for nude content to appear publically if it ‘offers a substantial public benefit’, which includes anything that covers ‘artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts’.

No adult content image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic