A closer look at Klout (infographic)

2 Jul 2012134 Views

Klout is a web-based measurement of social influence. It takes data from social networks to measure how many people a person influences, how much a person influences others, and the influence of a person’s network – all this adds up to a Klout Score. A new infographic digs deeper and delivers the inside scoop on Klout.

The infographic created for OnlineDegrees.com decodes Klout: what it is, how a person can sign up to the service, and how it ranks a person. It also lists what goes into a person’s Klout Score, Klout getting a person noticed, perks that come with Klout, which US politicians have political Klout, and a list of who and what in pop culture carries the greatest Klout, as well as other options to Klout.

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Klout infographic

Tina Costanza has held senior editorial positions at daily newspapers in Ottawa and Toronto