Anti-evolution writer asks science minister to withdraw from book launch

14 Sep 2010

The author of a book that attempts to debunk the evolution theory as a hoax has asked his friend, Science Minister Conor Lenihan TD, not to launch his book, The Origin of Specious Nonsense, in Dublin because of vulgar attacks on the minister.

John May, who is a constituent and a friend of the minister, has said that the minister received attacks by email and phone over his intended attendance at the launch of the book.

While Lenihan would no doubt have been available to attend the event in the interest of healthy debate on the matter, insults on a political website have led an embarrassed May requesting the minister to not attend.

Speaking on RTE radio this morning, May said Lenihan is pro-evolution theory and therefore actually disagrees with May’s central argument.

Disproving Darwin

May’s book, the Origin of Specious Nonsense, calls Darwin’s evolution theory “the greatest deceit in the history of science.”

At the launch, May was due to give a talk, ‘How Evolution Made Monkeys Out of Man’, with actors playing the parts of Darwin and King Kong.

May is offering €10,000 to anyone who can prove evolution at a biochemical level.

Among the quotes in his book are:

“It is sacrificing reason on the altar of treason to accept that the greatest construction of all time… a human being with a brain is the result of chance, randomness and destructive mutations. It is the irrational three-legged chair of hopeless speculation that bears no resemblance whatsoever to reality and observable functioning perfect order.”

“Our Milky Way/universe is so mathematically precise and orderly that we can predict an eclipse of the moon 176 years in advance to the 16th of July 2186, that’s 176 years in advance of today to the very second… CHANCE? – NO.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years