Apple in talks to create a music-streaming service this spring?

21 Jan 2010

Apple executives are reportedly in talks with executives from the big four music labels about rolling out a free-of-charge music service that will help stimulate sales on iTunes.

Apple is also understood to be mulling a variety of cloud-based offerings, such as allowing music owners to store their entire music libraries on Apple servers and access them from anywhere on any device. Such a move would bring an end to the much-despised model that allows iTunes customers to only store the songs on a maximum of five computers.

In terms of the streaming-music service, Apple believes it would be a value add to boost music sales from iTunes.

According to reports, the service is ready to be rolled out as early as this spring.

Next week, on 27 January, Apple will unveil its latest range of products, potentially including the long-anticipated tablet device dubbed either the iPad or iSlate, that will allow the Silicon Valley firm to strike for the nexus point in the convergence of devices like e-readers, smart phones and netbooks.

By John Kennedy

Photo: Apple’s iTunes site

Photo courtesy of Apple

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years