Black Friday deals in Ireland: what to expect

25 Nov 2015

This Friday (27 November) is now widely known as Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Added in with the following Cyber Monday and, from the comfort of your couch, you can do all your Christmas shopping in one swoop.

The first thing we tend to get asked in by people curious about Black Friday is, ‘Where are the best deals?’

The answer to that is, like most things, relative. If there are items you are looking at purchasing soon, and if you have a budget available to purchase them, then Black Friday can, to a huge degree, make life easier for you. Some offers are great, others are less so, it is simply a case of weighing up your options.

Remember, even if you buy on Black Friday, if you shop with a retailer in Ireland you are still entitled to the same consumer rights as any other time of the year.

So simply sit down at your computer, laptop, tablet or phone and check out the different options available to you.

We went some way to highlight many of the major outlets’ offers a week ago and, since then, quite naturally, many more have come on stream. So here are a list of some of the many shops around Ireland (and beyond) getting into the discount spirit.


Discount grocer Aldi is starting early, with a Tech Thursday offer on rather than Black Friday. TVs, audio equipment and a smartphone are included, but that premium telescope looks handy.


Online giant Amazon is no stranger to Black Friday and started its discounted offers as far back as last week. Coming in waves, it’s best to check back regularly to see if what you want is included.


Argos took a different approach to Black Friday, running a bunch of preliminary, colour-coded deals for the four weekends leading into the real deal. They have had a red, white and blue push already. Now is black.


Asos has already put in place some of its Black Friday deals, with up to 70pc off some of its clothing. You can order now, too.


“Whether you’re treating yourself to some perfume or aftershave, or looking for that special Christmas electrical beauty gift; there’s something for everyone this Black Friday at Boots.” Boots has a pre-Black Friday set of deals, with a Black Friday batch then following.

Carphone Warehouse

Deals are already up on Carphone Warehouse‘s website, with many more on the way. That means TVs, phones, games consoles, tablets etc all on offer.

Currys PC World

Currys’ Irish offers are here. There’s been a Black Tag Event running all week leading into Black Friday, too. It might be worth following @curryspcworldIE or check out the Tech Talk blog to keep an eye on any changes.


Debenhams is offering up to half price off women’s products, 40pc off toys and the same again off gifts and games. It looks like a new range of offers will come on stream for Cyber Monday, with other stores doing the same, but again, it’s best to think of it all as one big monstrosity of shopping. We need not divide to conquer.


Dyson’s deals were revealed today, actually, with a few bundle deals for fans of the more engineering-heavy vacuum cleaners. The savings are from €130-€200, depending on what you’re after.


EBay already has tonnes of offers up for Black Friday, with 150,000 people having viewed their specific page already. Keep an eye out as, given it’s eBay, the odds are the choice here will be remarkable.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman isn’t just an annoyingly catchy tagline advertiser, no, it’s also a store taking Black Friday pretty seriously. There’s 40pc off some TVs, 25pc off some computers and tablets, 20pc off coffee machines and a whole bunch more off furniture.

House of Fraser

When we first looked at the deals on offer around Ireland, House of Fraser hadn’t revealed a whole lot. Now, though, it has. By the time you read this its offers are coming on stream (both in store and online), running until midnight on Sunday. There’s an app for some form of augmented reality “experience” too.


A bit different now, with Hexo+, the makers of camera-mounted drones, also getting in on the act via its Facebook page.


Another surprising one here, but Lidl’s Black Friday deals are pretty cool actually. Cameras, TVs and notebooks to be had.


Smyths Toys has a bunch of deals up too, which could go some way to helping people plan for Christmas.


Topshop is joining the ‘up to 70pc off’ brigade, with customers again advised to keep an eye on the website. Deals are already crammed in there.

Shopping image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic