Cats Murdering Toddlers – the subreddit you didn’t know you needed

24 Dec 2015

With Cats Murdering Toddlers, Reddit has created the perfect schadenfreude, with a little something for everyone. For the dog-lovers/cat-haters, there’s proof that cats are terrible. For the rest of the world, there are small children getting their comeuppance. For absolutely everyone, it’s an absolute dream.

Christmas can be a tough time for all of us. It’s expensive, shopping is the worst, people forget how to be decent human beings, spending time with the extended family can be stressful, the feast can go horribly wrong… the list is essentially endless.

Perhaps the worst part of all, though, is being stuck in a house for an entire day with a group of toddlers that don’t belong to you. Or, even worse, ones that do – you have to love them, even when they’re being little jerks.

So this festive season, how about a little divine retribution, however vicariously it must be taken?

We bring you Cats Murdering Toddlers, an entire subreddit devoted to cats taking their revenge on ruthless, meddling, bratty toddlers.

Okay, sometimes the toddlers are just minding their own business, but what can we say – cats can be jerks too.

Cats Murdering Toddlers first appeared on Reddit eight months ago and, while its subscription audience is still relatively small – well under 1,000 at last count – its following is devoted.

And perhaps a little sadistic.

Witness here the sneak attack:

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The sudden, unprovoked takedown:

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The “Wait, what did she say?!”:

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The unexpected twist:

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The “Heeeeeere’s Johnny”:


The legit attempted murder:

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The “If wishes were horses”:

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And then there’s these two brats, who deserve everything they got:

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