Facebook Messages starting to look more like email with new layout

23 Aug 2012

Facebook’s message service – which incorporates direct messages, chat, and emails to @facebook.com addresses – has been given an overhaul that makes it easier to manage and gives it a look and feel more akin to traditional email clients.

The new layout consists of two columns. On the left, a list of recent messages which, when selected, open up the entire conversation on the right. Above the left-hand column is a new search bar so that users can easily search for messages from a particular friend, or containing a keyword.

Keyboard commands have also been added to the interface for easier navigation. PC users can find out what commands are available by pressing Alt + Q, while Mac users will pull up a list when they press Ctrl + Q.

Since rolling out @facebook.com email addresses earlier this year (albeit in a slightly underhanded fashion), it’s no surprise that Facebook is now making its message service look and feel more like an email client. Users can expect to see the new layout come to their Facebook profiles soon.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic