Fight My Monster signs up Angry Birds’ branding experts

20 Jun 2012

Fight My Monster, the company chaired by Dylan Collins, has signed up global branding experts Dimensional Branding Group and Striker Group – the firm that has advised Angry Birds, The Hunger Games and Twilight – to see the fastest-growing online game in the UK and US become a global franchise.

Dimensional Branding Group has also worked with Sony, Miniclip and Temple Run.

Franchises like The Hunger Games and Twilight have spawned an industry in merchandise ranging from books and souvenirs to digital media products.

“We have witnessed firsthand the power of the digital revolution, particularly when it comes to the introduction of new intellectual property and the impact that property can have on pop culture and ultimately, consumer products,” Russell Binder, president, Striker Entertainment, explained.

“Retailers and marketers are embracing the platform that gives their consumers 24/7 access to their favourite content and Fight My Monster is quickly becoming one of those dynamic properties,” Binder added.

For example, Angry Birds has spawned offshoot projects like toys, clothing and TV cartoons. And having forked out €15 for a Moshi Monsters pencil case as a recent birthday present, it is clear to me the conversion of digital brands to the high street is big business.

“That’s the opportunity all right!” Collins confirmed today. “The new brands of the 21st century are being driven by online gaming. We’re right in the middle of it.”

Fight My Monster is already working with Oscar-nominated TV production studio Brown Bag Films on an undisclosed project.

Building a global brand

Fight My Monster CEO Dominic Williams said the game is the fastest-growing boys’ game in the UK and there is a rapidly increasing audience in the US.

“With the growing interest in taking the brand to new channels, we felt it was time to bring an agent on board who has a track record with global games brands,” Williams said.

Described by some as ‘Pixar meets Pokemon’, Fight My Monster has exploded in schoolyards with the average player spending almost 40 minutes per session.

With more than 1.3m players across the UK and North America, the company is quickly becoming the online destination for schoolboys everywhere.

Fight My Monster has the digital DNA required to become an evergreen property that is successful on multiple platforms, including consumer products. The Fight My Monster team has a dynamic and original property and we look forward to extending the brand globally with them”, said John Leonhardt, president, Dimensional Branding Group.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years