Firefox 4 beta released for Android and Maemo mobiles

8 Oct 2010

Firefox 4 for mobiles has evolved beyond its alpha build and is available as a beta for Android and Maemo devices.

Mozilla said it has made improvements to stability, performance and functionality for the new version of the mobile browser.

The beta includes Firefox Sync, to allow users to synchronise their settings, passwords and tabs across multiple devices.

It also has the Awesome Screen, which will pop up after tapping the Awesome Bar, which learns to understand the user and brings up a list of their favourite history items and bookmarks.

It lets users customise their search engines for maximum efficiency.

The beta is said to be faster and much more responsive, adding pinch-and-zoom for touchscreen phones.

It also provides location-aware browsing to give users content relevant to their locations.

Firefox 4 beta for mobiles is available here.