Gigglebit: How not to handle trolling 101

16 Feb 2015

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Mention the world ‘trolling’ to someone nowadays and they’re more than likely going to conjure images in their head about some of the awful ways in which someone might make another person’s life miserable through hate online.

Thankfully, not all trolling falls into this category, as typified by one blogger who goes by the name of Ken M with his Horsey Surprise blog that charts his fictional creation’s interactions in the most-trolliest of trolls spots: comment sections of news articles and social media.

Often making some seriously ill-informed posts, you can’t help but imagine some poor sod who might just be a little strange and living in his own world, but tell that to the people who feel so much anger towards him that they feel the need to vent.

“This is quite possibly THE stupidest post I have ever seen on Yahoo. Congratulations!,” says one commenter.

You can’t help but laugh, really.









All images via Horsey Surprise/Tumblr

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic