Google Translate now includes speech input

28 Apr 2011

Google has introduced new voice features on its international translation web tool Google Translate. Now users can say what they want translated into a microphone and voila, it’s done.

“Today, we’re excited to make a nifty feature widely available in today’s new Chrome stable release: speech input through HTML,” Josh Estelle, software engineer, said in an official blog.

“Curious about how speech input can be used in real life? Here’s one example: Using Chrome, you can now translate what you say into other languages with Google Translate.

“If you’re translating from English, just click on the microphone on the bottom right of the input box, speak your text, and choose the language you want to translate to. In fact, you can even click on the ‘Listen’ feature to hear the translated words spoken back to you!”

New browser technologies coming

Estelle said that speech input through HTML is one of many new web technologies in the browser that help make innovative and useful web applications like Google Translate’s speech feature possible.

“If you’d like to check out more examples of applications built using the latest and greatest web technologies in the browser, you can check out more than 200 submissions by web developers on,” Estelle said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years