Groupon will name your baby Clembough if you pay it US$1,000

13 Jun 201276 Views

Daily deals site Groupon will relieve new parents “of the burden of naming” their baby by bestowing their infant with the name Clembough for a US$1,000 fee in what some are deeming a PR stunt centred around Father’s Day.

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason posted the offer on Sunday on Twitter, The Chicago Sun-Times reported. On Monday, one person bid to on the offer, but the company has kept mum on the person’s identity.

A Groupon spokesperson confirmed to the newspaper on Monday that the deal is legitimate. It reads, “All too often, the importance of a child’s name takes a backseat to other ‘needs’ such as food, shelter, and clothing.

“Upon your child’s birth, Groupon will relieve you of the burden of naming your baby by bestowing a specially selected, custom first name upon your infant son or daughter.”

The deal also mentions a limit of one per parent, “unless you have twins, triplets or quadruplets, in which case you can buy one per child.

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“Groupon, the official World’s Foremost Authority in Baby Naming™, will name your child or children ‘Clembough’. No substitutes or modifications. Spelling non-negotiable.”

A review on the deal’s site quotes a Donald Clunch, father of Clembough Clunch, as saying, “I had Groupon name my son because I wanted him to be proud of his future tombstone."

As Business Insider says, the offer appears to be a PR stunt. After all, why would parents shell out US$1,000 to a company to name their baby when they could name the baby themselves, for free?

Father’s Day is Sunday, 17 June.

Tina Costanza has held senior editorial positions at daily newspapers in Ottawa and Toronto