Indo to allow brand advertisers to analyse audience behaviour

30 Mar 2009

Independent Digital has formed a partnership with AudienceScience to provide online brand advertisers with a tool to allow them to build a rich behavioural profile of visitors.

Ian Byrne, managing director of Independent Digital, said that many marketing budgets have been reduced due to economic pressures, and marketers are looking for more ‘bang for their buck’.

He said the introduction of the new AudienceScience tool for brand advertisers is a first in the Irish market.

“Independent Digital’s new behavioural targeting tool significantly contributes to the improvement of brand advertisers’ ability to reach their target audience, and achieve a positive return on investment.”

“Brand advertisers will now have the capacity to get better return on investment by targeting specific audiences across all Independent Digital properties which include:,,,,, and Independent Local Sites.”

He explained marketers will have the ability to discover insights into what their users have been doing on sites, going beyond simple targeting, to create even more accurate, effective segments.

This rich behaviour profile information helps them identify prospective customers that are similar to their existing customer base, and reach out to them with appropriate messaging for each stage of the sales cycle.

For example, Skechers, a lifestyle footwear retailer, wanted to implement an advertising program to maximise spend return on investment. Skechers specifically targeted lost conversions.

Using the AudienceScience behavioural targeting, Skechers identified qualified prospects on itd site, gauged their interest and intent, and grouped users into segments in order to reach their target audience. Their return on ad spend was 827pc over the course of the campaign.

Permanent TSB has signed up with Independent Digital to become the first client to use this behavioural targeting tool in the Irish marketplace.

“It is central to us to provide our advertisers with solutions that help them deliver quality campaigns to the right target audience at the right time,” Eileen Ruddy, group online sales director, Independent Digital, explained. “It is more important then ever to ensure measurable and cost-effective results.”

By John Kennedy