Ireland No 2 in the world for talking about the Harlem Shake

21 Feb 2013

The Irish are all shook up over the Harlem Shake, with Ireland being the country that has been talking about the internet phenomenon the most, right behind The Philippines, International Talk Meter findings based on Facebook data reveals.

The Harlem Shake was first inspired by a video uploaded to YouTube by comedy vlogger Filthy Frank (AKA DizastaMusic) on 30 January that consists of four people in full-body onesies getting down to the track Harlem Shake by Baauer.

The response to that video from fellow YouTuber TheSunnyCoastSkate sparked a frenzy of different versions of the Harlem Shake all across the web and thus got a lot of people talking.

Facebook’s data team looked at the spread of the Harlem Shake meme, based on how many Facebook members mentioned the phenomenon in comments or status updates.

Besides unearthing which countries have been talking about the Harlem Shake the most, Facebook’s data team also found that men have been talking about the Harlem Shake 50pc more than women.

Here is the list of countries talking about the Harlem Shake the most:

1/ Philippines

2/ Ireland

3/ Singapore

4/ Portugal

5/ Great Britain

6/ Austria

7/ New Zealand

8/ Germany

9/ US

10/ Australia

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic