Magnet launches free online Dail and Seanad stations

8 Mar 2011

Magnet Networks today announced the addition of Dail and Seanad TV to its lineup of stations that can be watched live free on a PC.

Data from the Magnet WebTV website shows increasing popularity for live news and current affairs programmes, with views peaking at lunchtime, for the RTÉ News at 1.

TV3’s current affairs show, ‘Tonight with Vincent Brown’, is the most-watched TV show, with views peaking again at 11pm.

Viewing figures increased dramatically for the leaders’ debates, with the majority tuning in for the three-way leader debate with Miriam O’Callaghan.

Commenting on the latest additions to Magnet WebTV’s service, Magnet CEO Mark Kellett said, “In the lead up to the election, it’s clear from the statistics that people in Ireland reignited their interest in politics, with many using Magnet WebTV as a way to keep up to speed with the latest developments. Apart from being the only service that lets you watch live TV on eight channels free on your PC, it also lets you update Facebook and Twitter from the same page.
“People no longer want to just look at television passively; they want to be able to access their favourite shows wherever they are, and they want to tweet about it and Magnet WebTV makes TV viewing a communal activity, and not one done in isolation.”

Magnet WebTV offers free live broadcasts from RTÉ 1 and 2, TV3, 3e and TG4.

The service will also air English-language news channel and Emmy-award nominee, Russian TV.

Magnet WebTV now has more than 10,000 registered users, with just more than 50pc viewing at least once a week.