More Symbian woes as Samsung moves to Windows Phone 7

1 Oct 2010

Samsung is withdrawing support for mobile operating system Symbian as it focuses on Windows Phone 7, isolating Nokia further in support of the OS.

Samsung told developers that the development lab will close at the end of October and the Forum will remain until 30 December.

Developers who wish to have a Symbian app signed from the Samsung Apps Store will need to complete it before the end of the year.

Samsung is focusing on making Windows Phone 7 a key component for their handsets. The company is set to release phones for the platform later in the year.

“The addition of Windows Phone 7 devices to Samsung’s smartphone portfolio is a significant milestone,” said Simon Stanford, head of Mobile for Samsung UK and Ireland in a statement.

“Samsung’s new Windows Phone 7-based smartphones will play a key role in reinforcing Samsung’s leadership in the smartphone market and commitment to providing a range of devices across a variety of platforms.”

This puts more pressure on Nokia as a champion for the OS. Symbian’s popularity has been waning in the past number of years, thanks to Apple’s grip on the smartphone market and Android’s growing popularity.

There were also rumours that Nokia may also be moving to Windows Phone 7, after sources said CEO Stephen Elop was given permission to change the company’s strategy, along with OS alliances.

With the world of mobile operating systems growing increasingly competitive, is there room left for Symbian?